Next generation cybersecurity solutions
Cybersecurity solutions
Using artificial intelligence
Understand cyber risk, implement strategic management
Only advanced defences
Prevent advanced attacks
Security vs Usability, Have both
Security vs Usability?
Have Both

Your Security Is Our Mission

Our mission is to secure Australia’s information and systems using effective cybersecurity consulting and the most advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Why Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions?

Legacy tools and traditional defences are failing, this is why cyber incidents continue to grow. To defend against advanced sophisticated cyber threats you need advanced sophisticated technology. Contact us to discover the most effective solution to your cyber problem.

Reducing Your Risk

Advanced Solutions

Cyber threats move fast, artificial intelligence moves faster. Advanced sophisticated threats can't be solved with old technology. Take a quantum leap in your cybersecurity.

Understand Cyber Risk

If you understand cyber risk and you know the best solutions available then you can strategically implement full stack coverage. Work with us and maximise your cybersecurity investment.

Security vs Usability?

Legacy solutions trade off security and usability, someone has to lose. AI solutions maximise both simultaneously. As an example ask us how devops and security can work together.

Trusted Australia Wide

  • Steve Di Cola
    Engineering Manager - NRAH Project
    The customers and projects Daniel has worked with have significantly benefited from his breadth of cyber security experience, professional approach and ability to interpret and mitigate organisational risk.
  • Roger Wilkins AO
    Secretary - Attorney General’s Department
    I wish to express my appreciation for your role in the planning, development and conduct of the cyber security exercise, Cyber Storm 3.
  • Simon Langsford
    General Manager BAE Systems Australia
    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your dedication and contribution in developing the Cyber Security Unit Detailed Business Plan.