Your Security Is Our Mission

Daniel Johns National CSI

"Audacity and tenacity is required in the new cyber environment"

Founder and Chief Security Officer

My name is Daniel Johns, I am a founder of the National Cybersecurity Institute. I have worked everywhere from the NSA in the USA to Australian intelligence, banks and defence. I authored the Information Privacy Manual and started an ethical hacker group.

The National Cybersecurity Institute's mission is borne out of my personal desire to uplift Australian cybersecurity for the betterment of our society in general. I want to see an Australia where people of all ages and backgrounds feel safe online and companies aren’t challenged by their cyber risk but focused on delivering exceptional products and services to their clients.

My story started when I was recruited into Australian intelligence straight out of university. Specifically this was the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), now called the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). They liked me because of my technical skill, team work and peak performance.

The ASD is a leading authority on cybersecurity for good reason; they are the best at what they do. Whilst a lot of things that happened in ASD that will stay with me for life there is one quality of the agency that stands out the clearest - Leadership. It was leadership that enabled the agency to achieve a mission carried out in that thin slither of space between the really hard and the impossible. The same leadership installed the values and mission in me that still resonate today.

The mission, condensed to one line is, to protect Australian information and systems. It is this mission that the National Cybersecurity Institute is founded upon. We achieve our mission by providing the most effective cybersecurity consulting services and most advanced cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

Priya George National CSI

"Innovation and technology is a game changer"

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

My name is Priya George. I am a founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Cybersecurity Institute. My expertise is 20 years’ in transformation - technology, organisational restructure and cybersecurity.

Industries I have consulted in include mining, energy, water, financial services, technology and government.

The threat landscape that businesses, government and defence are facing is evolving with the ever-changing threat landscape. I strongly believe implementing and supporting innovative technology in our workplaces is the way of the future.

Although human intelligence (good people) is incredibly important, augmenting our capabilities with scalable solutions is the solution. 

My mission is to enable my team to secure Australia's information and systems through specialist cybersecurity advice and next generation solutions. Prior to National Cybersecurity Institute I developed and co-founded Nimis Pro, an analytics and video software company that came out of two years of technology research and development as part of a motorsport business. 

I began my career in stakeholder engagement and business development before I decided to ‘take the leap’ and find my passion in driving change and supporting innovation within the technology, and cybersecurity space.

I have a passion for addressing the people and process aspects of transformation (business and technology) projects. Real security depends on people, not just appliances and I drive the hard questions that addresses outcomes and ensure that people, process and technology – are all being addressed.

I'm driven and motivated to tackle difficult problems, support CEOs, directors and security leaders to develop strategies that improve performance, and assurance, in order to tackle their KPIs with confidence and success.

My team and I solve security problems with expertise gained from defence intelligence, banking and technology innovation. I look forward to defending Australia and from the most complex cyber threats.